Advice for Different Seasons

When it comes to knowing what the weather will be like for your engagement session or wedding day we’ve provided various insights we thought would be helpful for our couples.



We love summer weddings because there is so much daylight. If you’re having a summer wedding you will experience daylight until as late as 8:30pm. Many couples plan their ceremony time between 4:00-6:00pm because of this. Plan to have a few minutes to slip away from your reception for some gorgeous sunset portraits. They will be absolutely beautiful and you won’t regret it! Best of all, no one notices you’re gone for those few minutes because we plan it during dinner or open dancing.


Winter is magical! We recommend planning your wedding based on the sunset time (5:00PM in December and 4:00pm as the months go on). We like to take advantage of the light while it’s there. This isn’t a problem if you’re having an early afternoon wedding. If you’re planning on having a late evening wedding, you will want to consider a First Look to make the most out of your portraits.


We could easily say that Fall is our favorite time of year. The weather begins to cool and the colors are absolutely amazing. Every year, we experience a change in fall leaves during the mid-October to mid-November timeframe (Of course, this may be different if you’re not in Virginia where we’re from). It makes perfect sense to take advantage of these beautiful colors! Keep track of the sunset and time your Ceremony at least 2 hours before. You won’t regret having a little sunlight!


This is the time of year when nature literally springs back to life! Any photos taken against natural scenery is so worth it! With warm weather and plants and trees blooming around us, you will love your portraits! With the possibility of imminent weather, we will always create a plan and backup plan so that we know we have all our bases covered to get the photos you want on your wedding day.