Your story is compelling and worthy of capture.

This is 88 Love Stories.

Our artistry is all about you. We believe our photography is about capturing the many emotions and scenes love evokes. Our hope is that our couples will be given the very best photos as well as a personable experience they will rave about. Our promise is that you will love your story.

In 2011, James and Stephanie created 88 Love Stories with the intention that photography would be about relationships (Love Stories). Back then, James and Stephanie asked what personality traits they valued most as wedding photographers. They concluded with: engage with our couples, be creative, and have a lot of fun! It was an amazing first month of business for great reasons. As soon as the company launched, we saw a tremendous amount of response, booked 21 weddings in the first year, and networked with many talented wedding professionals. 

Over the next few years the two photographed over a hundred more weddings whilst learning what it meant to grow in both craft and character. It was never meant to be easy to do what they loved best (photography) and run a business, but through hard work and lessons they tackled every obstacle. Little did they know as they began expanding a network of photographer friends that one day several would be included as a part of the 88 Love Stories team.

One of the first friends, Kait Winston, worked together with James and Stephanie in 2012, and Kait went on to photograph over a hundred weddings herself. She began a more official partnership with 88 Love Stories in 2016. Both Leslie Hartz and Emily Benson were aspiring creatives who became assistant photographers since 2015. Meanwhile, Shaun Malik was an up and coming photographer in Colorado before he and his family made the move back to Richmond, Virginia to be closer to family. Shaun and James met through a networking function and instantly became friends, and through that friendship it was obvious he was a great addition to the team as a business manager due to his work experience, adventurous spirit, and extroverted-ness. Through careful planning in 2017, 88 Love Stories is on a mission to capture as many love stories as possible through its small but ever-growing team.

This is our story. Truly, it is only the abridged version, yet it shows that connections happen all the time and we never know where they might lead. And though we can plan ahead all the various aspects of our lives, it's clear that many surprises will happen along the way. So, let's capture every moment...because it's worth it!

  James Lee    Business Development & Lead Photographer

James Lee

Business Development & Lead Photographer

  Shaun Malik    Business Manager & Lead Photographer

Shaun Malik

Business Manager & Lead Photographer

  Kait Winston    Lead Photographer & Editor

Kait Winston

Lead Photographer & Editor

  Stephanie Dennehy    Lead Photographer & Marketing Admin

Stephanie Dennehy

Lead Photographer & Marketing Admin

  Emily Benson    Assistant Photographer

Emily Benson

Assistant Photographer

  Leslie Hartz    Assistant Photographer

Leslie Hartz

Assistant Photographer


“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”