Pre-Ceremony Guidelines

Information on how to prepare for the photographs taken while you are getting ready.


Bridal Details

This is typically our first big task for photography on the wedding day. We like to focus on shooting details first so that by the time we are finished we will be completely focused on photographing your hair & makeup shots. Have your details laid out together in one place ahead of time for us to access. Bridal details include: dress and special hanger, all three rings, jewelry, perfume, shoes, flowers, veil, invitations, heirlooms, and a gift / letter from your groom.

Hair & Makeup

Timing is everything on a wedding day. Have your hair & makeup scheduled to end earlier than you think you need it to. This is the part of the wedding day that can make schedules run awry early on. Though we account for buffer time built into the schedule to account for this, it’s helpful to be proactive about your planning for it.

Dress Prep

When you are ready to put your dress on be sure to have your bridesmaids already dressed and anyone who should be in the room to help you such as mom or grandmother. Save the jewelry for after you put your dress on as these photos will look much prettier! It also helps when the room is nice and tidy, so we and the bridesmaids can help clear things out of the way to have minimal distractions in the photos.

Groom Prep

Since one photographer is with the bride, the second photographer will be with the groom & groomsmen while they are getting ready. Similar to the Dress Prep, we like to make sure the room is cleaned up to allow for minimal distractions around the focus of the photos: the groom and his groomsmen. We will capture the finishing touches of the groom putting on his suit, the pinning of the boutonniere, and more.