Rainy Wedding Day

 One of the questions couples ask most is “What happens if it rains?!” Having experienced hundreds of weddings as a team we’ve come across gorgeous, sun-lit wedding days and torrential downpours! We’ve been there before and know what to do. Though rain isn’t ideal, couples have been surprised by our images after receiving them. Common responses have been “Wow! I can’t believe the colors still look so vibrant!” or “It doesn’t even look like it rained!” With a creative shot we will use the rain to our advantage. Though no bride would wish for rain on their big day be assured we know how to handle rain and still get the most beautiful photos.

Here are a few ways we handle a rainy wedding day:

1. Use natural light in an area with a roof, such as a porch.

2. Let’s be creative with the rain and use it as part of your portraits.

3. Use a clear or white umbrella as a prop for your wedding photos!

4. Overcast skies mean we can use ANY location for great portraits!

5. Let us worry about the rain. Your job is to enjoy the wedding day!