Receiving Your Online Gallery

Imagine you’re coming home one evening and spot an e-mail from us with your online gallery link. This is made possible because we edit and deliver your images within three weeks of your wedding day! The great thing about our online galleries is the ability to view, download, print AND share your images! Furthermore, all your friends & family can receive your online gallery link (from you, the couple) and order prints directly from the gallery. This means they won’t be bugging you for the images!

What can I do with my images?

Downloading Your Photos

Downloading photos all at once is a desktop-only feature. You will see the download link in the e-mail with your gallery link. We recommend downloading your images right away so you can have the high-res image files on your computer. Image files come in JPEG format.

Access Your Photos On Your Smart Device

The online gallery is mobile and tablet friendly. If you pull up your online gallery through your phone you will see all your images in a categorized and viewer-friendly presentation.

Ordering Prints

You can actually order professional quality prints from your online gallery! Print orders are supplied by WHCC, one of the leading professional printers in the world. You are more than welcome to print your own images although we warn you to avoid Walmart, Target, or local pharmacies for prints as the color quality will be greatly reduced.

Sharing, Watermarking & Editing

You are given the freedom to share your images in any way you choose. These are your images and we want you to share them with as many friends & family as you want! We only watermark our sneak peek or blog images, but your images will NOT be watermarked. We also encourage our couples not to re-edit the images but if additional editing is needed we will work hard to meet your requests.

Selecting Images For Your Wedding Album

The process for selecting your Wedding Album photos is easy!