Wedding Albums

 Imagine it’s the weeks after your honeymoon and you’re sitting on the sofa together. The fireplace is on and the two of you are enjoying an evening off (as if any of us get those very often!). You open a large box on the table in front of you and, inside, is your very own custom wedding album. Your memories of your wedding day were such a blur that you can’t wait to turn each page as you recall your wedding day memories together. This is the common experience couples have after they receive their wedding album!

Wedding Album Sizes

Sizes: 8 x 8 / 10 x 10 / 12 x 12

Selecting the best photos for your album is easy! Similar to “liking” photos on social media, you can “like” your favorite images through your Online Gallery. When you finish, your album is designed in-house and only goes to print once you’ve finalize the design. We offer two rounds of revisions to ensure the album is perfect for you.

When the holidays approach, we all wonder what meaningful gifts we can give to our parents. This is why many couples love that we offer Parents Albums! To ensure we can deliver the albums in time for Christmas, please order no later than November 1st!