Christina + John's Engagement

The first time I visited Belle Isle was in high school. That was over twelve years ago. When you grow up in the same city all your life you notice how much has changed after you re-visit a place. Although the beauty of Belle Isle remains there have been additions and reconstruction to it. To make it easier for cyclists, joggers, and visitors to access the city has built no less than a bmx park, a rock climbing wall, and easier entry onto the waterfront. 

And here, twelve years after my first visit, is the place where Christina & John chose to photograph their engagement session. They loved the idea of using this beautiful island in the middle of Richmond to take advantage of the waterfront and the Spring foliage seen everywhere. Equal parts nature and history, there was much for us to explore and use as we got busy photographing as many portraits as we could.

Our lovely couple today on the blog first met...get this...on a subway train in New York. That's right. How much can be said about coincidence, circumstance, or fate in their story? Who really knows? But the two met, stayed in touch, and eventually walked to where they are today and next Spring they will be getting married. So cheers to Christina & John for their amazing journey so far!