88 Love Stories' couples have a wide range of personalities, and each couple takes on the enormous responsibility of preparing & planning their wedding day. We understand the great investment you will make for your special day. We will collaborate on ideas to find out what you're looking for most in your photographs.

We also help plan logistics of your wedding day schedule and educate you on what would make your experience most memorable. In short, we want to be your guide for all things photography. And we want you to have the best experience you could ever imagine! Read more about "The 88 Experience" below.



In the months leading up to the wedding day we have a small checklist of things to accomplish with each bride & groom. This includes couples sending us picture ideas that speak to them, working on the schedule of the wedding day, and scheduling engagement or bridal sessions before the wedding which gives us a chance to work together and get to know each other even better.

When we first meet with a bride & groom (whether it's in-person or through Skype) we take time to educate couples on what they can expect of us from the time they book to the wedding day. We like to be very thorough in our answers and provide a space for all questions to be asked. This is why when we meet, you won't see a contract in our first meeting. Big decisions for your wedding day deserve time to think about.



Engagement Sessions play a big part in the 88 Love Stories Experience. It’s a perfect, and sometimes very casual, way for us to photograph you before the wedding day. We get to know each other better and for you to experience your love story being photographed. And, it’s okay to feel awkward about being in front of the camera! Couples love that we give so much direction during the E-Session and often express how much better they feel knowing we’ve directed them in a fun and comfortably way!

We include Engagement Sessions in our wedding collections because we believe its a vital part of the entire photography process. It helps us arrive on the wedding day already knowing how you two interact, what your best poses are and how to photograph you in the most genuine way. And you’ll feel like a pro when it’s all said and done!




These are the moments where a couple transform into bride & groom. Traditionally, they are the moments when a couple do not see each other; thus, we can help you both see these moments before you said "I Do." Because all of our wedding collections include two photographers you won’t have to worry about us missing any shots. 


It's been our experience that most grooms tear up when they see their bride walk down the aisle for the first time. It's that moment you've sought for such a long time: to be intertwined in marriage with the one you love so dearly. We even tear up sometimes (LOL). It's true! With two photographers and multiple cameras, you can feel assured we will capture every angle during your precious ceremony.


Every couples' personality is different, so we want to give you portraits that speak to who you are as a couple. You will be the ones looking back at these photographs for years. 88 Love Stories' couples love our sense of romance, adventure, and joyfulness in our portraits. To make the most out of your portraits, we plan ahead by picking the best portrait locations. Our couples trust our choices and our timing for portraits which is something we truly appreciate.



From the time your bridal party lines up for introductions to the time you exit your reception, we are there to capture the party and have a little fun, too!88 Love Stories is a team of party people, too. As your wedding photographers this means we acknowledge it's best to be inconspicuous, but not to the point that we can't interact with you and your friends & family! We want your guests to know we are approachable which makes the photography experience much smoother. Because we know everyone is enjoying your celebration and having a great time, we always feel comfortable being a part of your wedding in this way, too. 



We could not imagine photographing a wedding and not including shots of all the details of your wedding day. These are some of the most time-consuming things you pieced together in your planning: the bride's dress, jewelry, invitations, flower arrangements, table decorations, signage...the list goes on! We pay close attention to capturing the details that decorate your wedding day.


Are you planning on going on a honeymoon? Whether you are at home or on a beach in the Caribbean, our timeline for providing a full wedding gallery is only three weeks or less! Because we're a wedding photography team we are able to provide images fast! We love the fact that our couples can reminisce their wedding day so quickly, and you can feel better knowing it won't take you months to get your pictures back! 

After you receive your Online Wedding Gallery, we will also give you a usb photo drive with all your high-res images along with other goodies so that you can have a tangible way to remember your wedding photographs by. 

If you've purchased an Album Collection, it will be the next item we work on together where you will be able to select the photographs you want to include in your album. Our team will custom design pages to fit comfortably within your wedding album, and nothing goes to print until your final say-so. There is nothing like flipping through your photographs, in hand, as you reminisce.