Bridal Checklist

What is a bridal session?
Bridal sessions occurs either before the wedding day or after (after = trash the dress session where brides don’t mind laying on the ground in their dress). It is a tradition that’s happened for a long time. A bride will get fully adorned in her dress, jewelry, shoes, and makeup & hair.

1. Location
Many brides will choose their wedding venue as the location for their bridal session. However, choose a location that’s meaningful to you! Some brides choose the house they grew up in. If you need help finding a location that suits you, please don’t hesitate to ask!

2. Makeup & Hair
You will want to get in touch with me to figure out 2-3 dates that work for us. Afterward, you will want to contact any hair & makeup stylists to confirm those dates also work for them.

3. Assistance
Have a family member or friend come and be a part of your bridal session. Of course, that could mean putting them to work as they hold your dress and/or bouquet as we walk around taking pictures.

4. Speaking of Bouquets…
Bouquets are optional but highly recommended. Get in touch with your florist to build a bouquet for your bridal session. It doesn’t have to be the one you’re having on your wedding day but perhaps something smaller will suffice.

5. Dirty
Sometimes the bottom of a dress may get dirty. No worries! We will do our best to take our time to walk around so that your dress stays as clean as possible. Ultimately, it is unnoticeable in pictures.

6. Timing
Time your bridal portraits around your second fitting. Other than that, if you want to have a bridal portrait printed to have on your wedding day let’s make sure to shoot the portraits at least 1 month out from the wedding date.