We always guide couples to choose a location that’s special to them. Treat your engagement session as if it were a date. Perhaps it was where you went on your first date or a park you regularly visit. If there are a couple choices we could go to both! If you need help choosing a location just ask! 

Are you more formal? Casual? Modern, or contemporary? We want to make sure your portraits fit your personality, so feel free to share details with us about how you guys enjoy hanging out, inside jokes, or anything that will help us engage with you better. 

The colors should represent spring or fall themes from bright yellows, blues and greens to browns, oranges and reds. Stay away from wearing all black. Outfits should match. Here are some samples where couples matched consistently and well for photos.


Have signs or props you want to bring? Maybe thinking about bringing your pets? All of these are fun little ways to make your photos even more memorable.

Posing isn’t something that comes naturally to most couples, but that’s why we direct poses! At first you may feel a little awkward being in front of the camera, but the best part is you’re not alone and your partner is with you to help enjoy the experience.

5 Another Word on Feeling Your Best...
Try to schedule your engagement session on a day you know you won’t feel rushed to get ready. Some couples will feel frazzled once they get home from work and to think you have to jump right into photos after that can feel overwhelming. Give yourself the right time and date to feel your best!