Collin + Hyatt

While you were recovering from post-Thanksgiving food comas, I was given an amazing opportunity to head down to Colonial Williamsburg to photograph Collin proposing to Hyatt! 

The setting was gorgeous! It was a warm day for November and the sky was a shiny blue backdrop looking over the Palace Green just in front of the Governors Palace. Having photographed two engagements here before, I knew the location well and was able to help Collin plan where to propose and how to position himself so I could see the couple best. Team work!

Collin & Hyatt are both elementary school teachers in Maryland and met through a summer training camp. A year ago, the couple had visited Colonial Williamsburg and were in awe of how beautiful the place was. Needless to say, Hyatt was pleasantly surprised when Collin got down on one knee to propose. You can see a few folks rushing out of the way when they saw what was happening! 

We took time after the proposal to photograph a few portraits. Everything turned out perfectly and I'm excited to share this proposal today on the blog. Enjoy!