Amy + Reide's Engagement

It was Friday night when I was celebrating one of my best friend's birthday parties. I'd decided to leave early to ensure I had at least a handful of sleep before leaving Richmond at 4:30am to drive to Northern Virginia. It was one of those mornings where I was blessed with a satisfying amount of energy so that I could be on my A-game for Amy & Reide's sunrise engagement session in Washington, D.C.

This was my first opportunity to meet Amy & Reide in-person and I felt so happy as we got off to a great start for the day. We chatted about various things as we drove to the Tidal Basin for our first stop. Upon arriving I was thrilled to see that some of the Cherry Blossom trees had begun to bloom! I gave a great mental sigh of relief because I wanted this session to include the beautiful scenery these trees can offer. Afterward we made a brief stop to the Jefferson Memorial where after a few minutes we were politely kicked out by an office due to not having a photography permit (oops!). ;)

We then landed at the Lincoln Memorial where we could see the sun rising over the city. Though it may have been a little chilly Amy & Reide were hitting each picture out of the park! I think this couple is just so wonderful together and even moreso photogenic. My favorite part of the whole trip was just hanging out with the two and talking about life. They even treated me to a delicious breakfast at the Evening Star restaurant (yummy french toast with peanut butter and bananas!). 

Thanks Amy & Reide! You made my dream of shooting a sunrise session in D.C. come true!