Natalie & Alex: London

London is such a gorgeous city to visit for so many reasons. It has such an interesting mix of old and new, from bold skyscrapers of massive height and crazy dimension to major historical buildings with so much classic British character. There are endless opportunities to capture beautiful moments and all it takes is a walk around the street to find the perfect spot.

Alex and Natalie have been together ten years! It’s so easy to see the love between the two of them and their easy chemistry. They are lovers of travel and design, fashion and food, and have such fun personalities to match their impeccable taste in all things.

We walked around their old neighborhood of Primrose Hill which is a quiet north London neighborhood that overlooks the beautiful London skyline. It’s full of colorful houses and boutique shops perfect for locals and travelers alike. It was so fun hopping around the area with a couple so full of life - couldn’t ask for a better couple to explore London with!

- Kait -