Setting a Time Length for Wedding Day Portraits

Hey friends! What is the ample amount of time you should set for each set of portraits on a wedding day? In this video I fill you in on how I communicate with brides and grooms on the time needed to produce those beautiful portraits.

There are several sets of portraits you should be looking to do on a wedding day: family, wedding party, and of course the bride & groom. Here's a brief recap from the video: 

1. What I do before the wedding day counts: Communicating with the bride and groom concerning the wedding day schedule.

2. Know how long each set of portraits is going to take: I share my view on how long each set should take based on my experience.

3. Split the portraits: You can always save time by photographing the portraits before and after the ceremony.


Thanks for watching this video and, until next time, love yourself and love others!