Brit + Nate

It wasn't too terribly cold. That was great news as I made my way up to Fredericksburg, VA last month to photograph the wedding of Nate & Brit Wine. I had yet to meet the couple in person so when I finally met Brit I was relieved by her quirky character, the joyful mood she was in, and her very warm and welcoming family! It was one of the best pre-ceremony times I've had just hanging out with a bride. I was even floored, and mildly jealous, of her house and how well I thought she'd painted the walls.

The ceremony took place at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church (say that ten times really fast) followed by the reception at Mercantile restaurant in downtown Fredericksburg. After meeting Brit in person for the first time I was curious to see Nate, her soon to be husband. Upon arriving at the church I met Nate's parents who were also very warm and welcoming. As a group of friends began filling the pews I finally was able to meet Nate and...WOW...I've never seen someone with a bigger smile than this guy! He was very obviously excited, in love, and thrilled to be marrying Brit!

When I meet such a cute couple whose personalities really bounce off one another I feel a deep joy that resonates with my thought process for each wedding. Even though every couple is going to be different in their personalities, the way they approach their wedding day, and how I'm going to photograph them I still remember (and am reminded by couples like Nate & Brit) that this day is meant to celebrate love...which never fails. Here's to the beauty and the joy of an amazing couple! Congratulations to the Wine's!