Ashleigh & Jason: Zion

Life in Utah is about exploring. Keeping your ears open to the sounds of what the silent air brings. Your every breath consumes what the land has to offer. At night, you see the stars glow gently over the darkness that seems to surround you as you look beyond to a town shining bright in the distance. You're at the same time filled with excitement and fear thinking 'What's out there?' And when the sun rises, you realize you were surrounded by rocks, mountains, dust, and beauty.

Waking up before dawn, hopping into the rental car, and heading to Zion National Park. That's how this session got started. I thought the scenery in California was beautiful (the week before), but Utah has a peace about it that can be felt as far as my eyes could see. The subtle color palette of the mountains all around and the desert land kept warm by the sun were my view for the half hour it took to reach my destination. 

I've photographed Ashleigh & Jason before and experienced their joy, but being here with them in Zion was a different experience altogether. We began our hike at Weeping Rock Trail on our way to Observation Point. This hike isn't the hardest trail in Zion, but it's close. The strenuous 4 mile hike only gave way a few times to level terrain, but for the most part we had to endure steep inclines. But it gave us time to have conversation, get to know each other, and sometimes catch our breaths. I'm so proud of these two and for their willingness to bring me along on a day in their life journey. And I'm so proud of these photos. Nothing will ever be like this experience and I'm so glad I get to share it :) - James