Yongbae & Sumin: Virginia Wedding

Memories seem like they happened just yesterday sometimes. I have these old memories from half a life ago when I met and became friends with Yongbae Kong. He was like a kind, older brother who had such a warm spirit with whomever he came in contact with. For a time, we attended the same church together. He was in high school and I was in middle school, but our paths cross with church Youth Group. Now, his friends and significant other call him "YB" for short, but I always knew him as "Yongbae-hyung" (his name, plus the traditional title of "older brother" in Korean).

To get the call from Yongbae earlier this year asking if I was available for his wedding date...well, it felt like I was imagining things at first! The reason is because it still amazes me how my "profession" can re-connect me with old friends and faces from long ago. After having photographed so many friends I knew well before I became a wedding photographer, I thought I'd photographed just about everyone! But here was Yongbae on the phone telling me with his charming, calm voice how excited he was to hear I was available and how he couldn't wait to get married life started with his love Sumin. And knowing just how amazing this man is made me more eager to photograph his wedding day.

I met Sumin over the phone first. We had a great conversation planning all the wedding day details and thinking up all the ideal places for a post-wedding photoshoot (I'm pretty sure we picked Iceland at this point!). On the wedding day, I loved getting to spend time with Sumin and the wonderful women who surrounded her that morning as she prepared getting into bride-mode and giving/receiving gifts with her bridesmaids.

I won't describe all the wedding day details through words. You'll just have to see the pictures for yourself. But look closely and you will see just how many people who love Yongbae and Sumin surrounded them with their friendship and support that day. The wedding took place at Old City Hall in Fairfax with a snowy first look at Manassas Battlefield Park!

PS These two got the trip of a lifetime to Maldives for their honeymoon! AH, JEALOUS.